Five59 Publishing is the brainchild of author and editor Alan Seeger, imagined as an incubator for new and upcoming authors. We offer editing and publishing services for indie authors at reasonable rates.

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Alan Seeger began writing stories at around age ten, filling spiral notebooks which have since, fortunately, been eaten by a black hole in space. An editor, essayist, songwriter, graphic designer and novelist, he is the proprietor of Five59 Publishing, which, in addition to Seeger’s own work, publishes a quarterly short story anthology, including the annual horror collection 13 BITES and the science fiction anthology PLAN 559 FROM OUTER SPACE.



Bruno Santos is a resident of São Paulo, Brazil, and the co-author of STARS IN HER EYES as well as EMPTY ROOMS. He came into the world in Rio de Janeiro in 1984 and began writing several years ago during the eventful years of his youth. His first novel was published in his home country. It was later adapted into English as STARS IN HER EYES.

Bruno is now working on a full-length horror novel entitled SOLITUDE CREEK which should be available in mid-2018.